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TeleDentistry - What Can the Dr. Do?

• Patients can directly speak to our Dentist via a Video app.  • Complete a caries susceptibility assessment• Consult on oral sores, lesions, swelling and/or infections • Advise on broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth • Prescribe necessary remedies and medications to alleviate pain • Provide advice as to whether a patient problem is medical or dental  Provide Referral to a specialist if needed

Getting Started:

1. First, You will make a $59 payment using the quick Teledentistry simple checkout link below. (Active patients skip to step 2, as no payment is needed, if it’s a covered service it will be billed to your dental insurance). 

Payment Link: 
2. Second, Create an Account by clicking button below, register with your email address & a link will emailed to your email account. Then click the link within the email and provide basic registration information and download the HIPPA compliant app. & sign-in. Once your app is downloaded click on the VSee button below to be directed to the waiting room (R316S). 


3. Dr. Rasmussen will be with you shortly or you can schedule an appointment. Dr. R can assess and re-mediate the situation as well as prescribe any medication needed which can be picked up at the pharmacy location of your choice.  

4. After your visit your receipt will emailed to you. Your clinical notes from your visit can be-found on the VSee app. 


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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