Rasmussen Family Dentistry and offers exceptional dental care. Ranging from teeth whitening, extractions, root canal therapy, veneers, and many other cosmetic dental services.  Dr. Rasmussen is considered a talented restorative Dentist in Cape Coral. 

Teeth Cleaning

Our Dental office offers different types of teeth cleanings, depending on how healthy your gums are. 

We also offer In office whitening in just 1 hour. 

Also At home whitening,  In just two weeks, you may lighten your teeth 5-7 shades just by wearing a whitening tray several hours a day. Teeth cleaning

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a possible solution to help you achieve the look you desire. They are a popular choice for those with chipped teeth, a gap between teeth, or misshaped teeth.

Dental veneers are thin covers that adhere to teeth to give teeth a more classically shaped look. Rasmussen Family Dental offers a variety of dental veneer options to choose from. Talk to your dentist about what’s best for you.

 Dental Implants

Dental implants can help you

smile more confidently. A dental implant is permanent and is an effective, attractive, secure way to fill gaps in your smileall while preserving your existing teeth

Oral Surgery

Some dental procedures require a very specific set of dental skills and fall into a branch of dentistry called oral surgery. Oral surgery treats a wide range of diseases and conditions, including:  

  • Tooth loss
  • Dental implants
  • Jaw/mouth/teeth injury
  • Extraction of teethTreatment of endodontal diseases
  • Esthetic aspects of the oral and maxillofacial regions
  • Adjunctive treatments

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge will hold your other teeth in place and make everyday activities such as eating and talking easier. It can also help preserve your teeth as a lost tooth can cause the remaining teeth to loosen, which may lead to additional tooth loss.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a secure way to fill gaps and help restore your smile if you have missing or damaged teeth. A crown can also help you bite and chew better, which can positively impact other systems in your body, such as a your digestive system.

Rasmussen Dental  offers a variety of handcrafted crown styles. Your dentist will help you determine what crown is best for you based on your budget, aesthetic preferences, and your body chemistry.

Root Canal

Root canals are common procedures and can help save your tooth from extraction. Dentists at Rasmussen Family Dentistry practices have been safely and expertly performing root canal procedures for over two decades.

Tooth Color Match Fillings 

Most people need at least one tooth filling in their lifetime. Dental fillings are most commonly used to treat cavities, but they’re also used to repair cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that have been worn down over time.

Most dental filling procedures feature the following: 

  • Topical anesthetic to numb the area of treatment
  • Decay removal from the affected teeth 
  • Tooth restoration using a composite or amalgam filling
  • Bite check to make sure your teeth align comfortably

Tooth Extraction

Natural teeth are ideal for biting, chewing and maintaining mouth and jawbone structure, which is why a dentist’s first priority is to help restore, save and repair your natural teeth. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is unavoidable. 

The dentist will make sure you’re comfortable before, during, and after your extraction procedure. This includes walking you through every step of the tooth extraction, as well as the use of local anesthetics. 

Periodontal Disease Treatment 

Periodontal disease (also called gum disease) is more common than you may think. If you’ve been diagnosed, you can rest easy knowing that your Rasmussen Dental office team has extensive experience with periodontal disease and has successfully treated many patients. 

Did you know? Over 75% of Americans suffer from periodontal disease; most don’t even know it! Dentist in Cape Coral 

Oral Sedation

Helps patients overcome anxiety prior to treatment

Dental Office Services